Wednesday, May 13, 2009

If you ask me for a picture...

If you ask a crafter for a picture of their cartridge storage, she will tell you she has to clean up the creative clutter first. While she is cleaning up the clutter, she might find a blank board book that needs to go on the shelf. While putting the book on the shelf she might spy a box of vintage styled valentine lacing cards. Upon inspecting the box she will think,"these will be perfect to make into a little book for my little girls to bring to church to play with quietly." The crafter will then procede to measure the cards and set up her Bind-It-All, cut the chipboard covers and commence to make a book. After completing the little lacing card book, and admiring her handiwork, she might think that she needs to do this with the full size lacing cards and go upstairs to the bedroom closet and get those out. When she returns to her desk she may remember that she had also bought some animal flash cards which she intended to make a book from, and procede to punch the pages and make the custom chipboard cover. She might take a break from the exhausting "cleaning" and get her girls some lunch and down for a nap. After the girls are down, she might want to get on the computer to check her email again. When she checks her email there will be a message, similar to the one that follows:

"wow you must be talking to your dust bunnies as you clean lol"

THEN she will remember to take the picture of the shelves that was requested 2 hours ago and email the friend back with an explaination as to why it took so long...And then it may come to her attention that the explaination would be a funny blog post!

Here is the shelf:

Here is the book:


  1. Too Funny!!
    We are so very easily distracted into doing our crafts, arent' we?

  2. lol i think its a disease thats why we dont get anything done is there a cure lol