Tuesday, February 10, 2009


These turtles are soooooooo cute! The turtle cut was the entire reason I bought the Walk In My Garden cartridge. I had the larger one already made, and was playing around with the Cricut deep blade in the regular green housing to figure out ideal settings and needed something small to test, so I cut turtles at 3 1/2". Contrary to what Cricut states, you CAN put the deep cut blade into the regular housing. In fact, you will get better results than using it with the intended blue housing. I was using it with the blade at 6, pressure 4, speed max and multicut 2. It cuts beautifully this way! I did notice there is a difference between making cuts directly from the machine, vs. using design studio. Design Studio slows the machine down too much to be very effective, and I needed to add a 3rd pass, and bump the pressure up to 5. It still worked splendidly.

Anyway, I was left with 4 tiny chipboard turtles after my test cutting. I thought, "why not make some shells, and make keychain albums to go with the full size turtle albums". They turned out super cute, if I do say so myself! I can't wait to get them papered!

Test cut turtles make cute pets!

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  1. oh how sweet love the matching idea~ who wouldnt love a turtle keychain! great job as alwasy!!!!!!